Bio-ORACLE v2.2

Release notes (2021-09-24)

Version 2.2 substitutes two layers: Cloud Cover and Diffuse Attenuation. In addition, some other fixes and developments were applied:

  • Some layers were already available through the R package sdmpredictors in version 2.1 but not in the Bio-Oracle portal:

    • Chlorophyll future layers,
    • Calcite
    • Photosynthetic Active radiation
    • pH
  • All Bio-Oracle layers have been centralized in the Bio-Oracle portal.

  • The sdmpredictors R package has been updated (v2.10.0). Find more information in this link.

Technical note

The Cloud Cover from version 2.1 and version 2.0 has its minimum and maximum values below zero and above one respectively. However, the Cloud Cover indicates the proportion of sky covered by clouds, therefore its values are expected to be between 0 and 1. We found out as well inconsistencies regarding the values of the Diffuse Attenuation layer between the version hosted at and

The Cloud Cover and Diffuse Attenuation layers that were provided in version 2.1. and 2.0 were versions in early development stage and were erroneously uploaded during the publication of these two versions.

The present version 2.2 makes available the final versions of the Cloud Cover and the Diffuse Attenuation on the Bio-Oracle portal. Note that these layers were always correct in sdmpredictors: the software that makes Bio-Oracle in the R language.

To prevent that these type of inconsistencies happen again, we have taken the following measurements:

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