Marine data layers for ecological modelling

The latest release of the Bio-Oracle dataset is version 2.2. Click here for more information.

Extensive surface and benthic dataset

Bio-ORACLE is a set of GIS rasters providing geophysical, biotic and environmental data for surface and benthic marine realms.

Uniform and worldwide

The data are available for global-scale applications at a spatial resolution of 5 arcmin (approximately 9.2 km at the equator).

Forecasting and transferability

The most recent Representative Concentration Pathways are provided in order to model the ecological implications of future changes.

What is its potential?

Linking biodiversity occurrence data to the physical and biotic environment provides a framework to formulate hypotheses about the ecological processes governing spatial and temporal patterns in biodiversity, which can be useful for marine ecosystem management and conservation.

Bio-ORACLE offers a user-friendly solution to accomplish this task by providing 19 global geophysical, biotic and climate layers at a common spatial resolution (5 arcmin) and a uniform landmask.

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How to get access?

Data can be downloaded either as ascii or tiff raster files using the interactive download page or the sdmpredictors package in R.

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